How to Recover Email Account ?

How to Recovery Email ID?

How to Recover Email  Account ?

Forgot Gmail Acccount Recovery by Email Address & Phone Number . Some people create a New Gmail Id Account. After a long time, forget its password too.

How to do Gmail Recovery if you have forgotten Email Id too? Learn about it in detail here. So that our old email id can be returned. Just need the number from which you created the Gmail ID.

Everyone is using Gmail, Gmail is a very famous mail service created by Google. But when you use Gmail, then you must have thought that if we forget the password of our Email ID / Account, then will our Account Recover? So the answer is "yes". When you forget your Gmail account password, you can get your Gmail account again in many ways. I will tell you all the ways to do Gmail Account Recover or Gmail ID Delete Recovery. Please read this post carefully till the last. With this, you will understand the Account Recovery process of Gmail properly.

How to Recover Email ID ?

1. First of all you have to open and write your email in the box provided and click on "Next".

How to Recover Email ID?

2. Now a new page will open in front of you. In which the option of "Forget Password" will appear on the bottom side. You have to click on it.

How to Recover Email ID?

3. Now you will be shown the recovery options one after the other. If you want to see the next option. Then all you have to do is click on “Try Another Way”.

How to Recover Email ID?

Gmail Id Recovery Options will look like This.....

1. Enter Last Password :-

If you remember the old password of your Gmail account, then you have to enter it in the box provided. But keep in mind that if you do not remember your old password also. So don't waste anything and try to recover. Because it can also block your Gmail account.

2. Do You Have Phone :-

If you have added your Mobile Number with Gmail Account. So you can recover your account through this method. Gmail will send a notification on your phone and you will be given some instructions, you will have to follow them properly.

3. Get verification code :-

In this, Gmail will send you via a code text message to the mobile number with your Gmail account. You have to put that code in the box provided.

4. When Did You Created this Account :-

In this, you have to tell when you created your Google Account. You have to tell the month and year.

So these were some ways that you can recover your Google Account. Many times Google will give you many more ways. With which you will be able to recover your password, but usually the above methods will help you to recover your account. Now we will know How we can recover it after deleting Gmail account ?

* How to Recover Gmail Id Delete [Email Account]

If you have deleted your Gmail account for some reason. And if you want to get your account back again, follow the things that I will tell you about it.

1. First of all you have to go to and put the deleted account's mail address on it.

2. Then you have to enter the password for the same account. And click on next.

3. Now a message will appear in front of you which will say "Success! You have UnDeleted Your Account ”. This means your account is now recover.

In this Way you Can Recover Your Deleted Gmail Account  Again.

Know these things before you delete Gmail account

Now a days everyone has more than one Gmail Accounts. So people think that they delete an account. But before that you need to know that when you delete your Gmail account. Then all your data which is in your Gmail. It all gets deleted as well. So for this Google gives you Backup facility. Which you can use to keep your Gmail data safe. When you go to delete your account. Then you must ask about Google Backup. After taking backup, you can keep all your data safe in your computer or your phone. So that you do not have any problem going later.

So today we learned how to Recover Deleted Gmail Account? And how do we remember the ID of the email ID we have Forgotten? How do you like all this information and tell it by commenting and you are facing any problem in recovering your Gmail Account. Even then you Can Ask Us by Commenting.

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