Get Adsence Approval Tips 2020

Adsence Approval Tips 2020 - Hey Guys Today I Will Show You How To Approved Adsence In 2020. It's Very Easy .....

10 Tips To Get Approved Adsence In Lockdown - Adsence Approval Tips 2020

So, Follow Given Below Instruction :-

Everyone Earn Money In Blog Site , Who Uses Google's Blogspot Website ( They Can Earn Money By Adsence. The Funny Thing Is That You Can Make This Website Of Google For Free. Today I Am Tell You Adsence Approval Tips.

Listen. There Are Some Special Conditions To Be Approved by Adsence. If You Do Not Fill These Than (adSeance) Is Reject Your Site .

Adsence Approval Tips  For Free In Lockdown ( Corona Situation 2020) - First To Need To Have An Active AdSense Account.

How To Active Your Adsense Account - If You Do Not Have An Active Adsence Account, You Will Need To Create An AdMob Account With Your Email ID. Then When The Admob Account Create Is Done, You Have To Delete That Admob Account. After Deleting, You Will Login To Your AdSense Account, Now Your AdSense Account Will Be Activated.

Then What You Need To Do On Your Site Is Given Below -

1) Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Contact Us, About Us - This Must Have For Pages.

2) You Have At Least 25/30 Articles Post On Your Blog.

3) Each Article Should Be Written In At Least 1000 To 1200 Characters.

4) Article Must Be Unique And SEO Friendly . How Write High Quality And SEO Friendly Article ?

5) It Is Better If The Age Of The Website Is At Least 1 Month And 5/6 Months.

6) Must Be Indexed In Google Search Console.

7) Blog User Must Be At Least 18 Years Old.

8) AdSense Is Not Approved On Movie, Mp3, Software, Porn Etc Sites.

9) Must Have (TLD) Top Level Domain Name And SSL Certificate.

10) If You Can Get Regular Traffic And Article Rank, There Is More Risk Of Getting Approved.

Full Explain  - How To Get Approved Adsence In 2020 :-

#1) Blog Page (Privacy Policy), (Disclaimer), (Contact Us), (About Us) These Pages Must Be. However, If There Is No Disclaimer (Disclaimer) But There Will Be Privacy Policy (Privacy Policy) Page.

#2) Blog Site Must Have 25/30 Articles. However, You Have To Write At Least 15 Articles. All Articles Must Use Unique And Copyright Free Images.

#3) AdSense Is Approved When The Website Is At Least 1 Month Old. If The Age Is Less Than 1 Month, It May Not Be Approved.

#4) Websites Should Be Indexed In Search Console. Indexing In Search Console Increases The Chances Of Getting Approved As Well As Traffic To The Site.

#5) Check Your Email ID Must Be 18 Or Older. Also No Pornographic Videos, Pictures, Content Can Be Used On The Site.

#6) Must Have Top Level Domain Name And SSL Certificate. AdSense Does Not Approve Of Free Domain Names. However, The Good News Is That Google's Free Blogger Website Gives AdSense Approved And SSL Certificate Is Added To It. It Takes 4/5 Months To Get AdSense Approved.

My Opinion :-

During This Epidemic (Covid-19), Not Everyone Is Getting Approval, Because Of The Shortage Of Team Members, It Is Very Difficult To Fill All The Approval Applications Of AdSense. If Your Site Does Not Take Some Time To Be Approved, AdSense Rejects. Then Don't Stress, If The Situation Is The Same As Before, Your Site Will Be Approved.

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