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World's Largest Microblogging Site Twitter is Stuck in this Cycle

Why choose Blogger (Blogspot) blog for blogging?

Why choose Blogger (Blogspot) blog for blogging?

Today is the first post of our blog. We will gradually share many details of your blogger tips, tutorials, news. There are many platforms for blogging, such as WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Weeble. But why we choose Blogger (Blogspot) for blogging, that's what we will discuss here today.

What is Blogger (Blogspot)?
Blogger is the own company of world-renowned tech giant Google, which is a blogging platform. Using this platform, you can create your personal blog, business blog or website. With the right skills, you can create any kind of website using this platform. However, there are some limitations that appear in Blogger when it comes to advanced level web developing. To create a blog or website with rich content, Blogger has to work manually or with coding, which can be easily done using various plug-ins in WordPress. Blogger has some limitations in this regard.
Have you noticed one thing? But I have mentioned the word blogspot in brac…

Why it is important to keep the blog simple

The main purpose of a business blog is to retain visitors. There is information that is useful to the visitor. Visitors spend time there when they find the information on the blog useful, using that blog over and over again. The information that is in the blog is the lifeblood of the blog.

Beyond the information, some other issues also play a role in capturing the visitors. Or conversely, even if there is interesting information, some things bother the visitor.
Visitors are annoyed. Some of these tested topics are mentioned here
Social sharing button 
The blog can be easily displayed in front of many people by clicking on the social sharing button. These buttons can be easily added. But how many buttons to use? Many use almost as many as can be used.
The reality is, visitors get annoyed. No blog needs 25 buttons, 5 is enough. More sharing buttons do not yield more results, but rather the opposite results.
More advertising means more money. You can advertise in as many places on t…

How to Book Gas Cylinder Kamakhyaguri and Barbisha - 2020

GAS Booking Process - Kamakhyaguri And Barobisha Area 2020

Hey Guys Today We Will Discuss About How to Book Kamakhyaguri and Barbisha Gas Cylinder ?
Friends, if you are from Kamakhyaguri and Barbisha area, or if you have gas service in your house, then this article is for you. I will learn How to Book Gas Easy Way ?
Many people do not know How to book gas online or via Call or SMS. So if you read this article carefully today, you can easily book your gas in any situation.
There Are Two Distributor Point Available - How To Book Gas Cylinder In Barobisha and Kamakhyaguri  Indane Service ?
Official Website -

1. Barobisha INDANE Service
2. Kamakhyaguri Sumit INDANE Service
Let's Get Started -
Free Lpg Booking Process 2020
1. Barobisha INDANE Service
Address - Loskor Para-Barobisha-Alipirduar Barobisha Gas Booking Process - Online Indane Service - 2020
First call 9088324365 After holding the phone for a while - press 1 to listen in Bangla or select the language of your…