Bullet rain will run Mumbai to Ahmedabad

Bullet rain will run Mumbai to Ahmedabad

Bullet rain will run Mumbai to Ahmedabad

Bullet train This name is enough to represent the speed of current. This bullet train operates in many rich countries of the world. And soon this indigenous bullet train will run in India. The reason for being a Swadeshi is that the contract for India's first bullet train belongs to Swadeshi instructor Tarsen And Toubro

A total of sixty companies participated in the project. But this big project is taking LNT. Let me inform you that this contact is worth ₹ 25,985 crore. Bullet rain will run Mumbai to Ahmedabad and Ahmedabad to Mumbai. Its total distance is 508 kilometers.

The Ahmedabad to Mumbai bullet train will be the highest speed train in the country. The fastest train so far is China, America and Japan.

And this train of India is being made with the help of Japan. According to the National High Skill Rail Corporation Limited, Larsen and Toubro have the lowest cost of building a 508-kilometer bullet train.

Different companies have teamed up with a few companies and then Tarzan & Turbo Company has made the sacrifice alone.

Let me tell you, this technology will be completed by December 2023. The speed of this train will be 350 kilometers per hour. So it will take two hours from Mumbai to Ahmedabad.

On the other hand, it takes about 7 to 8 hours on any normal Indian train to cover this distance. But once this bullet train starts, you can get there in two hours.

And if you go on a flight, it takes an hour. And with this time the speed of the bullet train will decrease a lot and LNT has left its mark.

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