India Launch Super Computer Know More Full History - Tips And Tricks

Super Computer Developed by Indian Scientists

India Launch Super Computer Know More - Tips And Tricks

Supercomputers are considered to be the fastest and most advanced computers in the world. If we increase the capacity of the computers in our house and yours a few times, it becomes a super computer.

Although much faster in the case of computer calculations, India is currently considering expanding its own supercomputers. It is rumored that India's dream of building a made-in-India supercomputer will be fulfilled by December.

Made in India Supercomputer To Be Launched in 2020

All these things will be made in India from time to time and all the hardware that is made in India will be made in India from time to time.

Earlier, the Government of India had signed MoUs with 14 companies for supercomputer supply. These include IITs, NITs, National Labs and IISER.

These resources will create their own structure and they will make the parts of the super computer. In the National Super Computer Mission, the government is thinking of laying a network of supercomputers in the country. This will help a lot to build a national knowledge network.

The creation of the National Knowledge Network will benefit approximately 75 resources. After joining the National Knowledge Network, they will have a lot of help in solving various problems in education industry, commerce space, weather, hotel search and medicine.

Made in India Super Computer will be added to Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai IIT Chennai, inter-university, and CTSE.

Along with the National Knowledge Network, 30 supercomputers will be installed in Burdwan. More supercomputers will be installed after December. Previous supercomputer services have been installed at IIT Benares.

Then the number two super computer has been installed at IIT Kharagpur, Institute of Science Education and Research Pune.

Along with the National Supercomputer Mission, the government is trying to build 70 high-performance systems. Of these, 11 systems will be ready in a few days.

However, the next steps are expected to be completed by 2021.

How many supercomputers are there in India?

After the completion of step number two, the network speed of this super computer in the mission of super computer will increase a lot and sixteen petaflops will go away.

When the National Supercomputer mission is fully completed, a total of 75t resources will be available, along with thousands of researchers reaching the supercomputers through the Knowledge Network.

So this day is not far away. India will continue to clash in terms of technology and India will not have to go to anyone else in terms of technology. You don't have to ask for it from outside. Countries are making millions of rupees by selling this technology.

Friends, let us know what is the history of this super computer and this super computer?

Friends want to know the difference between your computer and supercomputer. Yes, we will discuss this topic first.

Your computer uses a processor to do calculations, and a small thing is to use a processor to do all the calculations.

And when it comes to calculating a lot of big data, and then the computer that you have and the processor that computer has that processor will not be able to calculate that big.

Now there is talk of why supercomputers have been built. Supercomputers are designed to do many calculations in a matter of seconds.

That is why the computer is called a supercomputer which a normal computer cannot do. Your normal computer has one processor and the supercomputer has 60 since the beginning, and now there is no limit to the number of processors.

The speed of your computer is measured in GHz, but the speed of a supercomputer is measured in flops. Now let's talk about what are these flops?

Friends, the full form of Fruits is Floating Point Operation Per Second. And this is the calculator of the speed of the super computer.

In the beginning, the speed of supercomputers was Megha Flops, then Giga Flops, then Terra Flops, and so far the speed of Supercomputers is measured at Peta Flops.

You can't imagine that he can do so many calculations in a few seconds.

Now let's talk about why the super computer was made?

What was the need to make a super computer? Supercomputers have been developed here to perform many complex calculations. Although complex calculations are also done by computers. And when it comes to calculating the world's data. Then you need that super computer. Where in the world are you going? As an example we can talk about the weather - there are a lot of things that need to be calculated. These supercomputers are made to calculate all these types of data.

If we go a little further, these supercomputers are made for you. Going a little further, we need supercomputers to calculate the network service providers in all of India. In many cases supercomputers are needed.

But the question is how the super computer came to India?

Why is it needed in India? India has not had a super computer since its story began in 980. India was dependent on neighboring countries. At present, the United States and China have the best advanced supercomputers.

On the one hand, there are advantages. These countries provide super computer facilities or services in different countries. But in the 1980s, India did not have its own supercomputer. Then to buy supercomputers from India-America, an American company called Cray is the company that has made the most supercomputers and provides services.

India contacted that company. But the only problem was that the US government did not allow the company to export to India. The only reason is that India conducted its first nuclear test in 1974. And America wanted India to have its own supercomputer. And through which India can no longer build anything nuclear. After the US government refused to give India a supercomputer, India thought that they would build an indigenous supercomputer in India.

 And for that, many developers will work together. And for this CIDEC was created. The first indigenous supercomputer was being built under the leadership of Vijay Pandurang Bhatkar, Director, RAECD. For this Vijay Bhatkar took 3 years time and 30 crore size fund.

And just in 1990, a prototype of a supercomputer was made. And the name of this computer was Absolute 8000. Absolute is a Sanskrit word meaning Supreme. And this computer was number two in the whole world. Although the No. 1 was the American supercomputer. Yet India came in at No. 2, leaving the whole world behind.

So Absolute 8000 is India's first indigenous super computer. The name of the supercomputer that India currently has is Param Ishan. The supercomputer meteorological department, space science civil engineering, is playing a very important role in everything.

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