Jio Company Launch Web Browser And Reliance Industries Employees Diwali bonus - Tips And Tricks

Jio Company has launched its new web browser. This web browser has been launched by jio Company under the name jio Page. According to the company, this web browser is very secure as well as fast. The company had launched a web browser before but did not get such a good result.

Jio Company Launch - Web Pages

Jio Company Launch Web Browser - Web Pages

Now jio Browser has been replaced by jio Pages. Jio has added a lot of good features to the page compared to the browser.

Geo is taking advantage of the fact that various web browsers such as UC Browser are bands for data protection. 

Regarding the privacy of jio Page, the company says that compared to other browsers, it provides data privacy as well as the benefit of chat control of the entire policy.

Jio Page has been developed on the Chromium Black engine. The company says it loads very fast. And users have the advantage of getting encrypted contacts. Like the standard mobile web browser, it allows you to make any search engine default. It has Dark Mode available.

Jio Page is designed entirely in India. For this it is being called completely indigenous. It can be used in English as well as many other languages.

Hindi Marathi Tamil Gujarati Telugu Malayalam Corner R Bangla. These languages ​​are fully supported by jio Pages.

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Reliance Industries will Give Gift to Employee

Don't do it in the country. Excessive spread has made the condition of the country worse. Many people have lost their jobs. In the meantime, there is a company in India that is taking good care of its employees. 

Best Benefits Of Reliance Industries employees In This Lockdown Situation

We are talking about Reliance Industries, the largest company in India. In other words, Reliance Industries is obsessed with supplying goods to its employees.

The company is already thinking of giving them big gifts. Reliance Industries is considering giving employees the same salary as before. The option of cutting celery that was given is no longer there.

Reliance Industries employees - Reliance employees' salary ?

Employees of the company will be given bonus according to their performance in Dipali. Thus, before Diwali, the employees of Reliance Industries have a chance to earn a lot of money. And according to the news agency, Reliance is considering giving 30 percent share advance to more than one lakh employees next year. How Much Pay Reliance Industries ?

So if an employee wants, he can take 30% advance in the next year or in the whole year. Employees are working day and night even during the Karna period and Reliance Company has taken such a decision for their good.

In fact, let me tell you that the salaries of more than 1.5 million salaried employees were cut in this year.

Diwali bonus in Reliance

Even in the midst of the Karna crisis, in its own reliance in April this year, the Hydrocarbon Division cut the salaries of its employees by ten to 50 per cent.

Salana Cut Bonus and Performance Base Incentives have also been raised. Due to the lockdown in the country, many organizations have been in trouble. 

However, the biggest foreign investment in the lockdown is the Reliance industry.

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