Mukesh Ambani is now raising funds for his company

Reliance Jio Retailers : After making his mark on the Jio Platform, Mukesh Ambani is now raising funds for his company.

After the arrival of Mukesh Ambani's company the condition of many big companies has deteriorated. Singapore based fund GIC and Global Investment Fund PPG announced an investment of about 11 billion or Rs 7,350 crore in Capital Reliance.

Mukesh Ambani is now raising funds for his company

GIC invested ₹ 55121.5 Crore in Reliance Retail. As a result you will get 1.22% share. And TPG will invest ₹ 1838.7 Crore, which will give TPG 0.41% share.

Reliance Retail's Pre Money, ₹ 4,285 Crore has arrived. This is TPG's number two investment having previously announced an investment of ₹ 4,5468.8 Crore on the TPG Jio Platform.

The idea of ​​investing in retail at Reliance started on 9 September. After that, Ambani received more than Rs 10,157.50 crore from foreign investors.

Earlier, KKR, John Atlantis, Silver Lake announced the investment in Partner's. As a result, 7.28% of the company is known.

Reliance Retail Limited has 12,000 stores in the country, with a total of 64 crore active customers. It is the most sold business in India.

Reliance Retail has one of the most lucrative businesses in the world, while Reliance Retail is currently selling its products online with Jio  Mart.

Jio Mart E Commerce Company which supplies Grocery. With the investment of Jio  Company, Mukesh Ambani has repaid all his loans.

The way Retail is expanding in Reliance will cost money there in the coming days, as well as the acquisition of shares of many more new companies, and if the retail service continues like this, Mukesh Ambani will be able to compete with Amazon's Jeff Bezos in the world's retail limited business.

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