NASA and Nokia are considering setting up 4G network on the Moon

NASA and Nokia are considering setting up 4G network on the moon.

NASA and Nokia are considering setting up 4G network on the Moon

The world of technology is rising a lot every day. In the past when people did not have any device to talk and nowadays people can make video calls in minutes sitting at home. The speed of technology is now moving from 2g to 3g and from 3g to 4g again from 4g to 5g.

With the help of technology we have reached the moon. And with this help the 4g connection will soon reach the moon. And you might be surprised to hear that, but it's true. In fact, the US space agency NASA and Nokia will jointly send 4G connectivity to the moon.

NASA says it is in contact with Nokia to send 4G connectivity to the moon so that cellular connectivity can be made there.

And Nokia has stated in a constitution that it will make connections there with its LTE or 4G connectivity.

And let you know that Asha Main is planning a mission. For which communication will play a very good role due to the effect of this 4g.

NASA will pay 37 370 million to install Nokia 4G connectivity. With this, robotics technology is running slowly there. NASA has added 15 structure companies to the 15 companies for the project where they will build structures there.

There are plans to set up a Forge network not only in the world but also outside the world. But there is a chance of harm as much as it can benefit the people.

4g to 5g network - Tips And Tricks

The 5g network in India may take some time to slow down. On the other hand, Five-G network has started trials in different countries.

Internet speed testing companies, on the other hand, report that they are connected to the Open Single Five-G network, in which case the world's highest speed net 5g speed is in Saudi Arabia.

On the other hand, South Korea is in the second position. The speed of the Five G is so high that you can compare the speed of a bullet train with this Five-G.

Open Network reports that Patch downloads 377mbps per second in Saudi Arabia. 366 mbps in South Korea.

Let me inform you that the data of the whole country has been taken from 1st July to 28th September.

Then you may think that if you download a book of 1 GB then you only have to wait for three seconds in Saudi Arabia then a movie of 1 GB will be downloaded.

No, but the Forge network will not be so easy to get. But also the process is going on in different countries.

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