How Can Students Do Good use of Smartphone and Internet ?

How Can Students Do Good use of Smartphone and Internet ?

Nowadays the demand for mobile is increasing so nowadays every student has a smartphone and the smart phone is putting people in danger just like it is making people smart. 


There are two Aspects to Using a Mobile Phone :-

  • Good Direction
  • Bad Direction

Simply put, mobile can take you down a bad road, and it can take you down a good road.

Students Benefit from using Mobile Phones

Now suppose you can't find the meaning of one of the words you have studied as an example? So you immediately install an application on mobile or do a Google search and you will get the meaning of that word.

If you start searching in a book without using a smart phone, it may take you a long time to find that word. The book will do your job in an hour and the smartphone will solve that problem for you in a few seconds.

You can use mobile phone for these tasks. If you have difficulty understanding a topic, you can search on Google and Google will let you know about that topic in a very simple way. Even after this, if you have difficulty in understanding, you can search on YouTube. You will not find any video on that topic on YouTube. It will help you a lot to understanding.

In my opinion if you have a smartphone then you don’t need to teach tuition. You can search on YouTube to see the things that you have difficulty understanding. So there is no need to go to tuition and pay the teacher.

How Students can do Something good Through Smartphones and the Internet ?

If you use a smart phone for these tasks then you are on the right track which means it is taking you on the right path. And smart phones will help you to go a long way, you will grow.

Or if you don't do anything with your smartphone all day, just WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Insta and all day long you are watching comedy videos, playing games, these are the bad aspects of mobile usage.

If you do these things all day then you are going the wrong way. Yes it is dying smartphone is a very important thing that helps you a lot. Nowadays everyone has a smartphone. Be it a student or an employee. Smartphones are a common thing for everyone.

Everyone needs to have a smartphone but everything has a limit. Fix a specific time and what to do with the phone.

Extremely empty use of everything but bad. So you use WhatsApp, you use Facebook, you use Insta, but at a certain time because you need to have your own goals, study first and then do it. First study, then physical exercise, then sit down with the phone.

You have to make a balance of everything. Good students are those who balance everything. And use mobile phone for good work. Watch the video on how to do the job you are having trouble doing very easily, read the article, search for the meaning of something you can't find or look it up in a dictionary.

There are also many purposes that smartphones will help you a lot. I think it is very important for students to use mobile phones but they have to do something good by using mobile phones.

And if you use Facebook WhatsApp or play games on your smartphone, do the same, but first you have to maintain your primary things. Such as your studies. 

People's Learning and Knowing Techniques have Changed

Nowadays in the age of smartphones, just like everyone has a smartphone, there is also an internet connection. And if someone has something to know, he can find out about it by searching directly on the internet.

People's knowledge or learning techniques have changed. Because all the content is coming to the fore through Google search. So what is the need to go to someone and ask.

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