Amazon , Flipkart Big Diwali Sell 2020

Big Diwali Sell Offer On Amazon And Flipkart

The sales of e-commerce websites have increased a lot during the festival season. People are shopping a lot in this cell. This cell is before Flipkart Amazon.

Amazon , Flipkart Big Diwali Sell 2020

And the customers are getting the benefit of instant product. The way people are shopping this festival season, it can be said that the sales of Flipkart are doubling every time.

Meanwhile, Flipkart's Big Diwali Sale has started. This cell will run until November 13th. Through this sale, the company is offering great discounts on many products.

The companies have approached the country's largest bank for this big sale. This will give HDFC, SBI, these two banks ten percent discount.

Then ICICI Axis Bank and HDFC credit card customers can get discounted cashback.

Flipkart has made a deal with Paytm to make payment through UPI.

In the current scenario, 90% of online shopping sales were on Amazon at Flipkart. Of these, Flipkart sold the most.

According to the report, Flipkart's sales were 88% and Amazon's 33%.

Great discounts are being offered on mobile phones this festive season and you can get an idea of how much they are benefiting from this mobile phone discount that e-commerce companies sold Rs 30,000 crore in one week from the beginning of the festival.

Since then, mobiles worth Rs 1.5 crore are being sold every hour. So this cell is still running.

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