Gmail Account Deleted? Breaking News - Google Drive, Gmail Account

Gmail Account Deleted? Breaking News

Gmail Account Deleted? Breaking News - Google Drive, Gmail Account

Friends, you may have understood by looking at the title of the article. And you may be thinking that all Gmail accounts will be deleted. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Gmail account, Google Drive, Google Drive, and Gmail account might be deleted.

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So let's not know what are the reasons for deleting these services? Are you one of these? I don't know that.

I don't know if your account will be safe or not - friends, in this article I will try to explain to you in shortcuts. Friends, you may be an Android user. And if you have a smartphone, you will have a Gmail account.

And if you have a Gmail account, Google is giving them the facility to keep 2 GB of data for free. The first thing I will talk about is Google Drive. This software must be on your phone.

Google Announced - Shutting Down Gmail And Drive Accounts ?

1. Google Drive Service

Google Drive is a Google application through which Google allows its users to store 2 GB of data in this drive. And in these two GB of data, people save photos, videos, documents and various files.

Maybe you also have something stored. Many do it again. If he gives 2 GB in one ID, then they make ten-fifteen extra IDs. To store more data.

They may think that I will save the photo now and keep it online and show it to them when the boy grows up. Many people think that it is just read online so there is no pressure to carry a pen drive.

And for all these reasons, Google thinks that people are using my spaces without any reason. Someone is thinking that our spaces are being wasted. Going by 2gb just like that.

That's why Google made an announcement a few days ago. Google has announced that Gmail accounts that have not had any activity for two years, that is, you have just uploaded your data and left no activity for two years. This means that for the last two years, you have never opened Google Drive, never logged in or checked your photos.

So Google will delete the accounts that have not been active for two years. That will delete those Gmail data.

Many people think that if you upload 10000 photos, 50000 photos and 5000 photos on 50 notes and leave it online, you can open it on any day you want. It's not like that anymore.

Now Google has announced that if you do not do any activity on your drive for years, all your photos, videos, PDF documents will be deleted.

Attention - Your account will not be deleted, only the data will be deleted.

2. Gmail Service

Now let's talk about Gmail. Gmail is a popular service. You may have used Gmail to send mail somewhere.

And with Gmail, it's just like Google Drive that creates an account and just leaves and doesn't show any activity.

Many people forget their username and password after creating an account. They can no longer login to the second.

And many people create many Gmail accounts and use only one and do not use the rest.

And so Google Analytics has been doing this for the last two years. If you don't send mail or do any activity or login, then your Gmail account will be deleted.

And if you open a Gmail account and open Drive, you will only use Driving. And there will be no activity in Gmail. This is why your Gmail account can be deleted.

Analyzing can be a problem for people who have created many Gmail accounts to get only 2 GB of space, and many people have created many Gmail accounts in the process of creating fake IDs.

Many people have forgotten their Gmail ID and password. So when friends create an account, they must log in sometime in two years.

And so Google has taken steps to delete unemployed and fake accounts.

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