Google Adsense new Update 2020 - Vignette ads and Adsence Report Update

Today We Will Discuss About New latest update of Adsence And YouTube.

Google Adsense new Update 2020 - Vignette ads and Adsence Report Update

Google Adsense new Update 2020 - Vignette ads and Adsence Report Update

Friends, a new update has come from AdSense. Many Youtubers have received mail. There are also two problems on YouTube.

A great update has come from AdSense. Today I will talk about two new AdSense updates.

If you have an active Google AdSense account, you must see a notification above when you open AdSense.

AdSense New Update 2020

  • 1. Vignette ads
  • 2.Adsence Report Update

Lets Get Started -

1. Vignettes Ads Option Available On Dekstop

Vignit Ads Option Available On Dekstop

Whats Is Vignette Ads ?

If you open someone's website on mobile, then when you click on any page, a full screen Ads comes in front of you.

This is Vignit Ads ... Currently it is only available in the mobile version. But Google has announced that it will launch these ads on the desktop from November 3rd.

Suppose someone visits your site and then clicks on any post you have published, Full Screen Ads will appear in the middle.

If you use Google Auto Ads then it will be very easy for you.

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How to Enable Auto Ads?

Also, you need to go to your Google AdSense account, you can see the Ads option on the left side.

Then you go to Over View. The above three options will come, the first option will come.

All your AdSense Approved sites will show up here.

Then, you will get the option of edit next to the site, if you click there, you will get the option of Auto Ads on the side. If you click there, you can put Auto Ads.

Then it will show all the ads format. Activate them as you like.

After that, if you click on Apply To Site below, your Auto Ads will be saved.

After doing this, your Ads will become Active.

2. AdSense Report Update

AdSense Report Update

So let's first know about the AdSense update, then let's find out about the problem with YouTube.

All Youtubers Received Mail From Adsense 

If you talk about the AdSense update, you can see a photo below and such mails have reached all Youtubers.

All Youtubers Received Mail From Adsense

So, after receiving this mail, many Youtubers are shocked that I don't know how much has happened that the channel will be monetized or not? Many people have many questions. But it doesn't matter.

AdSense announced the mail in August. The main update of this is that as before it was Creator Studio of YouTube, later it came in beta version. And according to this, only the AdSense report that has the option will change. And everything else will remain the same.

In other words, Admob's option and YouTube's monetization option are being removed from the data AdSense. And you can see its Earning on YouTube Analytics.

Also, the billing information and payment information is not being updated.

The main thing is that only the data of AdSense report is being changed and nothing else is being changed.

More - 

Now I will talk about the problem of YouTube

Not Monetization is coming in the case of many videos. Many people are showing it in some videos and many others are showing it in other videos.

So, let me tell you that this is just a YouTube bug, if it says Not Monetization then don't worry that your video is not monetized It will have ads. You won't have a problem anywhere. You will have Earning.

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It will be fixed automatically. Another problem is that when you go to the Channel Video option, there is no video show.

Also how many shots show video and how many do not show. And above is written No Data Available.

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This is also a glitch of youtube, such glitch can be seen from time to time. Don't worry about it. It will be just like that.


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