Google Apps Update - Chrome Security And Google Pay Logo Change 2020

Chrome Browser Security Updates - Users Security Alert

Google Apps Update - Chrome Security And Google Pay Logo Change 2020

Google has issued a virus alert for Android users. In general, Android users have been alerted to be protected from malware.

Google alerts its users whenever this news reaches their system. Google warned all Android users.

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Google Chrome App Security Alert

And Google Chrome has asked to update the browser. 0 Day Buck has been patched by Google in the browser. this update is very important for all Users .

Search engine company Google has said that any device can be damaged with the help of Buck located in Chrome browser.

Google has been asked to update the security of the Chrome browser. And last week there was talk of a kind of 0day problem in security operating systems like Microsoft Chrome.

According to Jet de Knight's report, the attackers had the option to bypass the Chrome Security sandbox.

After doing this the attacker was able to run the code on the operating system. And many users have found out about. Google has released the Chrome for Android security update.

Last month, Google's security researcher, Microsoft, highlighted the Zero Day aspect of the Windows operating system.

Ben Hawks, technical head of Project 0, said the problem would be fixed by November u10 for Windows users.

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Let me tell you, as a result of the problem associated with 0 days, they will be able to change the attacker of the smartphone to the operating system. And be able to collect users' personal data without permission.

Can also steal money through Banking Details.

Google Pay New Logo Update - New Interface 2020

Google is coming up with a new logo for its Indian users on its digital platform Google Pay.

This new logo looks a lot like the 3d Logo than before. This app does not look like before. The Google Pay logo is very different from the old logo, although the company has made the old theme Color, Yellow, and Blue Color in the previous logo.

But the word G and Pay has been removed from its design. Google Pay was first launched in the Indian market under the name Tej. This name was later changed to Google Pay.

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Google Pay App Logo Change - Big Update For All Google Pay Users

Google Pay is a very popular app in India. But Conpany is going to change its logo. Google has changed the logo of Gmail and more apps before.

Google Pay was launched in India on 18 September 2017 about 3 years ago. And it is the most downloaded Payment App in the world.

It has been downloaded 1 Crore times in 1 month all over the world. India is the user base of Google Pay and a total of 78 lakh people have downloaded in India.

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With the new logo of Google Pay, for the convenience of the users, new standards interface can be brought. It has been submitted in Google blog post.

Google Pay's new UI has been rolled out for users using Pixel phones. Although currently the update of Google Pay will be available on Smartphone.

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