Google Launch Chat Features For All Android User 2020

Google Launch Chat Features For All Android User 2020

Google Launch Chat Features For All Android User 2020

Google is preparing to compete with Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram. In other words, Google has introduced a chat feature in its message service.

It will work just like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Telegram. This feature will update the SMS picture so that people have the benefit of using WiFi and data as well as sending and receiving photos and videos.

There will also be the advantage that when people have sent a message when the message has been retweeted, these features will be added.

Google is going to launch their chat feature for all users for Android users. So that the feeling of chatting can be modernized.

Now anyone using Message in the world can chat directly from Google using this modern chat feature.

Earlier, there was talk of realizing such a new feature in the Google Play Store. In which users can compare more than one app with another.

And considering that, you can be sure which app will download.

According to a report, how many users saw a section of an app called Compare in which many similar apps were found together in the same category.

It was found that in the vlc-media-player compare apps section MX Player sees Gon Player, along with many more apps.

Reliance Company gave a big blow to Amazon.

Reliance Future Questioning Company has dealt a major blow to Amazon. The deal was approved by the CCI, the Competition Commission of India.

Now Reliance Future Industry can easily take over their Future Group. Reliance Future Book bought three businesses for Rs 24,713 crore.

After this deal, Future Group's retail wholesale, various businesses will now become Reliance. Amazon wanted to deal with Future Group. But could not lock-in the deal. Amazon is currently trying to stop this day. Singapore also appealed to the court for the deal not to be struck.

Amazon did a lot to stop this deal in Singapore and Amazon itself alerted Future Group.

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