Google Photos Is going to Launch its Paid Version 2020

Google Photos Is going to Launch its Paid Version

Google Photos is a very popular app. Which is used by Android users as well as iPhone users.
Google Photos Is going to Launch its Paid Version

What are the features of Google Photos? 

This will support all your photos and videos as well.

1. Backup And Cloud storage Features Available 

Finally, you can use Google Photos to back up all your photos and videos in the clouds and then access them from other devices, including your desktop and tablet. If you're worried about using too much data, you can just set up a backup for Wi-Fi.

Google Photos New Update - Google Photos Is going to Launch its Primium Version 2020

But very soon it could turn into a paid app. Here users have the option to save their photos and videos to the App Cloud storage.

There are also many apps for photo editing, yet the company does not charge for these services.

Although many users have reported for all these shots. Reported by Pay Wall Extension.

According to the report, Google Photo Editing App will introduce a Paywall for specific services.

This update reveals that if a user uses a photo color filter with a photo user, they will have to pay a subscription fee.

This fee will be taken through Google. This subscription will have the facility to pay monthly. One user said that the fee for using the filter in the photo has been taken before.

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Google Photos Available Paid Plans and Features ?

It is learned that in Photo Version 5.18, users can see the payment options.

For Indian users, Google 100GB Storage can be Rs 130 per month and Rs 1300 per year. With 200GB storage you may have to pay Rs 210 monthly and Rs 2100 per year. With 2TB storage can be 650 Monthly and 6,500 rupees per year. Google has published on its blog that if users use Prottreit Mode in photos, they will have to take a premium membership.

Earlier these features were free for everyone. But now users may have to pay for some features.

What Is Google Photo ?

It backs up your photos across multiple devices, has automatic resource features and a smart search tool. You can easily allow others to share albums and images and comment on shared items.

You can use a search term to find a specific image, such as location, topic, or season. In our experiments, this feature was the point, showing accurate results for snapshots from a trip to Nashville. Using facial recognition, Google Photos combines images of the same person so you can easily find them. You can tag photos with the person's name or nickname so you can quickly drag their photos.

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