India Government Has Struck Another Digital Strike - Banned More 43 Mobile

India Government Has Banned More 43 Mobile Apps

India Government Has Struck Another Digital Strike - Banned More 43 Mobile

In China, the Modi government has struck another digital strike. The Modi government has suggested blocking 43 more mobile apps in a bid to protect India.

Sarkar Ali Baba Work Bench, Alif Pay Cash, Delivery Apps Lalboom India. Snake also suggested shutting down video apps.

Some of the banded apps have an older one. One of the supported apps is working. Many of Alibaba's apps have been banded before. But again some of Alibaba's supported apps will be banded.

Meanwhile, some special apps like Ali Suppliers, AliExpress and AliPay have been shut down. How many of these apps are not so popular?

In addition to these apps being removed from the Google Play Store over time, there are a number of special apps that are still available in the Google Play Store.

Although this news is not at once true that these apps have been completely shut down. Or being blocked from the Play Store.

India Government Banned More 43 Mobile Apps

Some of the major apps of Alibaba Group Short Video Sharing App, Snake Video, Business App have also been shut down.

On June 29, the government of India banned a number of mobile apps. And on September 2, 2020, the band was re-installed.

The response from the central government is that the government will maintain India's security in all respects, and is willing to do whatever it takes to protect its citizens.

By the end of June, there were 49 apps such as TickTock. Since the end of July, 43 more apps have been banded. On September 2, the Indian government banned 18 more mobile apps, including Pubji.

In the meantime, a total of 224 mobile apps associated with China have been banned. Also, some Indian youths are addicted to papji.

If you want to talk about Pa Baji in India, then this Papji app has been downloaded 5 crore times from Play Store.

Active users of 3.3 crore in India. Which is a very large number. This time the band of more new apps will result in a lot of loss of income in China.

When TickTalk Hello, Like, UC Browser, ShareChat, 59 more apps were banned, the Chinese government's news website Global Times reported a loss of 45 6 billion, or 45,000 crore rupees.

There was talk of a loss of Rs 720 crore for being a TickTock band. Although Pubji is the highest grossing game in the world in May, he has lost 22 22.6 Crore or 1700 Crore.

Now the bands in India will not only stop shooting games, they will also have financial problems. Although soon Pubji Ritan is coming to India. If there is a loss of Rs 45,000 crore with 49 app bands, then banning 224 mobile apps is a big blow to China.

China Mobile Apps, along with the band, is making it clear to India and China that India will not allow Indian user data to be stolen from apps.

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