ISRO is going to launch EOS 01 Earth Observation Satellite

The next mission of ISRO in 2020?

ISRO is going to launch EOS 01 Earth Observation Satellite

ISRO is constantly taking new steps in space. This time ISRO is going to launch EOS 01 Earth Observation Satellite.

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ISRO is going to launch EOS 01 Earth Observation Satellite 2020

This satellite will be launched via PSLV C49 rocket.

It will be ISRO's first satellite of the year to be launched from Sri Hari Kota to Satish Dhawan Space Center.

According to a report from ISRO, the satellite will be launched on November 7 at 3 pm by EOS 01 via PSLV 49 rocket.

The C49 will launch with nine rockets. With this the reset 2BR 2 satellite will be launched. The PSLV C50 will be launched in December this year and the GSART Twelve R in January or February next year.

EOS 01 Earth is an advanced series of observation satellites. It has a synthetic aperture radar.

And from this radar any weather can be monitored in this world. The main feature of this satellite is that it can keep an eye on the cloudy sky and the earth. Clear pictures can be taken.

One of the big things in all this is that India's rice bazaar China and China's friend Pakistan are two countries that are very worried and they are afraid that India will go far ahead of them.

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This satellite can help the Indian army a lot. It will help Indian troops in any weather at any time of the day or night to give an idea of what the enemy is doing.

The bottom line is that this satellite will be able to monitor India - China and Pakistan.

Simply put, the Indian Army LAC and LOC will be able to monitor satellites very easily.

This is about how to deal with the enemy country through this satellite. But it will also be used for other purposes.

As much criticism was given to Isro last year, this time if Isro completes this mission in the remaining 2 years, his name will be in the whole world.

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A lot is expected to change in these two years.

While this will have an impact on ISRO during the Corona period, much of it will improve in the next two years.

There is a lot of talk about space this year, as well as the US space agency Nasa, the European Space Agency has done a lot of work in the country. For example, China UA has launched an expedition to Mars.

Britain's Rao will also fly the ISRO flag this year.

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