Low Competition And High Cpc Keywords List 2021

Low Competition And High Cpc Keywords List 2021

Low Competition And High Cpc Keywords List 2021

Friends, today we will talk about Low Competition and High CPC Ala Keyword. And the keyword we're going to talk about today is 50 CPC.

Best micro Niche blog topic 2021

You can write unique articles in this keyword or if you think you can give affiliate link. There are two ways you can earn income.

It will depend entirely on you. You will not write the article, you will earn through the affiliate link.

And if you combine the two, Google will rank it very quickly.

Today I will tell you about the keyword you will convert it to a long tail keyword.

Best Profitable Micro Niche Blog Topic

Below is a list of our keywords today.

High CPC Keywords

  1. Fitness
  2. Excercise

1. Fitness

If you have written an article on this fitness then the difficulty of this keyword is much higher. But still if you do it properly then your site will rank.

India will have a rank and it is also likely to be a rank of the United States. And if it is ranked in USA then you will get very good CPC. If you get good RCPC, you will be able to earn more money.

If you use a tool to check keywords. Then there you will search by typing this fitness key and you will come across many keyboards in which you will work and earn good money.

2. Exercise

Exercise If you also check its keyword difficulty then it is too much. But don't stress, you will see all the keyboard lists and check them.

Find out the most difficult keywords. And then write the article. Your site will rank guaranteed.

Friends, the two keywords I told you about above, you will work on those keywords. And you can add affiliate links if you want. It's totally up to you. Do you just want to earn money from Adsense or you want to earn more money by adding affiliate link here.

Hopefully if you work with these two keywords. And if you can write a unique and good article, then of course your site will be ranked by Google.

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