National Payment Corporation Of India - NPCI Allowing the Launch of Indian Payment Service on WhatsApp

A rich social messaging app like Facebook is allowing the launch of Indian payment services on WhatsApp.

National Payment Corporation Of India - NPCI Allowing the Launch of Indian Payment Service on WhatsApp

National Payment Corporation Of India i.e. NPCI WhatsApp Pay has given some conditions even though it sees green flag. That it will currently be paid for 2 Crore users.

WhatsApp Launch Payment System

Let me tell you that the number of WhatsApp users in India is 40 Crore, more. With the permission of WhatsApp Pay in India, other apps i.e. Google Pay, Phone Pay, etc. may have problems with the app.

Because if payment can be made through WhatsApp, people will have many benefits. For example, if payment is made through WhatsApp, they will not need to keep any other app separately.

Let me inform you that at present the phone pay report says that the number of their users is more than 25 Crore.

This WhatsApp was the only thing left to see the green flag from the government. Because the company has been testing this WhatsApp Pay for the last two years.

Thousands of users are already using WhatsApp Pay in beta version. The idea is that the company is going to launch this Pay option in India very soon.

WhtsApp Pay - Money Transaction Process

After the new update, like other UPI apps, you have to create a UPI PIN, after which you can make the payment.

Although Vijay, the founder of Paytm, is learning, Sharma is against WhatsApp Pay. According to him, it is not secure.

And he thinks it could be a fraud. Because WhatsApp user diameter is much bigger in India, if it comes to India, it will have to compete with Paytm.

Although Facebook Pay was announced a few days ago. This Unified Facebook Payment System is for every Platform. This means that it will be called Facebook Pay or it will be launched as WhatsApp Pay.

It should be noted that there is no such thing as WhatsApp Pay UPI diameter Payment can be done through WhatsApp.

And for this, Whatsapp will not come with any different app. Currently no statement has been received from WhatsApp.

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