Taxi Service Provider Ola is Going to bring Electric Vehicles Very Soon

Ola Launch Electric Vehicles In India 2020

Taxi Service Provider Ola is Going to bring Electric Vehicles Very Soon

Indian taxi writing company Ola is coming soon with the benefit of two wheelers. The world is going to make electric cars very soon. From electric cars to electric scooters one after another in India.

Taxi Service Provider Ola is Going to bring Electric Vehicles Very Soon

With the demand of people increasing slowly, you can guess that the company Ola, which provides taxi riding services, is now coming up with electric alternatives.

So Ola is planning on this issue and this company is in talks with different states. And Ola wants 100 acres of land for this plant.

Olar's system is the world's largest e-scooter plan. I would like to inform you that the Central and other State Governments are giving incentives to various companies to enhance the electric ecosystem in the country.

Loans are also being offered to customers. This plan is being made to reduce the pollution of the country. And at the same time Ola has been involved in this work with the government.

Ola is talking between four states for a scooter manufacturing plant, according to a report. There are three states in South India and another in West India.

Ola's plan is to plant a plant with a capacity of 2 million electric scooters.

At the moment Ola has bought the ETERGO scooter electric band Crow in the Netherlands.

The government is going to take a number of steps to reduce reliance on oil and rid it of pollution.

It is thinking of increasing the number of electric vehicles.

New Rules are Going to be Introduced in India 2020

From November 1, some new rules are going to be introduced in India. And their effect is going to fall straight into your pocket and into your own life.

Let's not know about these rules.

1. LPG delivery

LPG cylinder delivery from November 1, the rules will change the oil company said that through authentication. An OTP will be sent to the customer's registered mobile number before gas delivery. And when the cylinder arrives to deliver to your home. You still have to pay the utility delivery boy. That means you can receive it whenever it matches the OTP system.

2. Train time table

The news that train time is going to change all over India is very important for people who travel by train. And a new time has been announced for the railway system of India from one date. In this move 13 thousand passengers whose freight train train time has been changed.

Train times in 30 Indian capitals will change.

3. SBI 

Some of SBI’s rules are going to change from November 1st. Low interest rates are now available on SBI books. Accounts with more than one lakh interest will be reduced by .25% to 3.25%.

Where interest will be available as a deposit of Rs 1 lakh. So take care of this day too, and make your life easier.

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