What Type of Cable is used to Charge a Smart Phone ?

What Type of Cable is used to Charge a Smart Phone ?

What Type of Cable is used to Charge a Smart Phone ?

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Today we will talk about What type of cable is used to charge a smartphone? only. It always happens that when we buy a new smartphone, our charger with that smartphone is Brief And Charging Cable for free.

What these companies do to lower its price is that their product does not give this charging brief and charging cable quality so well. That's why the cable goes bad in a few months.

And if you have a charger that is in a very bad condition or just the quality is very bad or torn, charging with a charger will not make your phone bad but you can get an electric shot.

What you will do in that moment is to go to a shop and think of buying a new cable, and go to a nearby mobile shop and buy a cable of any kind.

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And did you know that to save 10 to 20 rupees, your mobile phone worth 10 to 20 thousand rupees can be fried in a few minutes - if you charge with those cables.

Best Smartphone Charging Cable 

So I will always recommend you to use a good brand cable. There is only something that lasts a long time.

And always good quality is just nylon, with rubber coding. At present, Ausmo is an American brand, it claims that it is the most popular brand in India.

It is one of the best cables in India. It lasts for many days. Its box has some details about this cable. This is a 5mm cable. It is 2 meters long. Its special feature is that it supports a dash charging, quick charging hook charging etc.

This cable comes with a 12 month warranty card. In terms of looking, it is a very high looking cable. This cable is set with aluminum on both sides. It is equipped with a protector so that it does not break.

And if we talk about features, then it supports not only fast charging, hook charging, quick charging, dash charging.

So its charging brief is of very high quality. It can transfer money very fast and comes with a 12 month warranty.

Now if we talk about its cons, then no such cons can be found in it. Its quality is very great and there is no rickshaw protected by Sher.

Nowadays, we know about the top charging cable, which cable should be used or which is the best. Although I think it is the best, but there are many good quality cables.


Friends Cable comes in three types Type - C and USB CABLE and normal phone charger. Type - C does not support all phones.

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