WhatsApp New Features Update - 2020

WhatsApp New Features Update - Mute, Ui , Bussines Call Features

WhatsApp New Features Update - Mute, Ui , Bussines Call Features

Whatsapp is always coming up with new features for their users. Another new feature for Whatsapp users, Whatsapp beta users for Android version testing, new mute and new storage, Media Guidelines. 

Also many features have been rolled out, Whatsapp feature will be released on If it succeeds after testing, it will be available to all users.

whatsapp always comes with the best feature for its users. This feature allows any user to mute anyone in their chat list for life time. This will be for Groups and Individuals. Although this is not a new feature, it is much better than the previous Mute feature, because the previous Mute feature could only be done for 1 year but the new Mute feature Alaways means it can be muted for the whole life time.

Whatsapp has also updated the new Ui feature, many users have started using this Ui feature. The beta version has storage Users, Interface with more details than before.

It will have the option to delete the cache heavy file, it will be seen which file is taking more storage, which file will have the option to delete which file. whatsapp has updated the number 3 feature which is whatsapp media guidelines. This feature is similar to Instagram's media guidelines, it allows the user to align stickers, add gifts, videos, photos and text to them.

With this, WhatsApp has removed the call and video call option of the verified business account. It has also been removed from Contact info, but when you go to the profile, or Contact Icon, you will see the option of this Voice call and Video Call.

All these features of whatsapp are really great, this feature has brought really great benefits for whatsapp users.

WhatsApp New Payment Features Launch - 2020

WhatsApp New Payment Features Launch - 2020

Now you can chat with friends and family as well as make money transactions. The social messaging app WhatsApp has launched its own payment system.

It was given by the National Payment Corporation of India i.e. NPCi. Whatsapp will support more than 160 bank transactions.

And it has suggested 5 Promote Banks of the country to ICCI Bank, STFC Bank, Access Bank, State Bank of India, along with Geo Payment Bank.

According to WhatsApp, like this platform, there will be many benefits in money transfer through it.

If you are using Whatsapp, you can activate WhatsApp Pay.

Payment Features Launch by WhatsApp - 2020

For this you have to register first. So let me tell you that you do not know how to do WhatsApp Pay.

For this you need to have a bank account. And the mobile number should be linked with that bank.

After that you have to click on the authentication icon like sending photo video to WhatsApp. And there you will see the payment options.

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If you click on it, you will get the option called Registration. Here you have to give bank account and other documents.

To complete the registration process, you need to give permission for phone calls and messages. Then you have to create UPI pass code to make the payment.

If you already have a UPI pass code, you can use it on WhatsApp.

After receiving permission from NPCI, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has expressed an opinion that WhatsApp's payment service will be available in 10 languages.

According to Mark, according to Whatsapp, no extra charge will be deducted while making the payment. WhatsApp has more than 40 crore users in India.

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But WhatsApp is currently only, 2 Crore people will be given this feature. This feature will not be available for the remaining 38 Crore users.

Although Whatsapp is for their users, UPI will be able to wake up the user base payment system.

You also know how to transact money after creating an account?

Open the chat list of the person you want to send money to. Then open the message box Attesment option, then click on the option that will show Payment in front of you.

And type how much money you want to send, and then next time UPI will give you what you want, and you will get a Conformation message when making the payment.

With WhatsApp Payments you can send money in UPI or other payment app. You can pay within the Indian number of WhatsApp.

If a user operates WhatsApp on an international number, the payment service will not be provided on his phone.

WhatsApp has been trying to bring its own Payment Services for the last two years which has been met at the present time. The only benefit is that it will have the opportunity to compete with various payment system apps located in India.

And for this collision, customers will be able to loot great offers on different services.

Just now everyone is waiting for this option to be available to everyone in India.

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