Will Apple create a search engine?

Apple Launch Own Search Engine 2020

Will Apple create a search engine?

Millions of people use the Google search engine to find answers to various questions. People have been using it for more than two decades already.

But last August, it was heard that Apple, another big company in the world, has joined hands to compete with Google. A few days ago, a report wanted to know that IOS may be added to the new search engine as an alternative to Google.

Apple may launch its own Google-like search engine

If this option is not included in the tablets coming to the market for any problem then Google search from Apple phones may be canceled.

The company has also come up with other benefits besides Google search on Apple phones. Last August, various news outlets reported that an important deal between Apple and Google was coming to an end.

Apple search engine news

And that's why Apple is going to take such a big step. According to the agreement, Google has so far made 8 to 20 million worth of videos in Apple's Safari browser as the default browser. For this reason, however, the marketing authority of the United States has expressed partial concern.

According to them, Google Apple is holding the market exclusively. Internet giant Google has also been sued in the U.S. Department of Justice for illegally monopolizing the Internet search department.

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As a result, Apple will have to use Google's powerful engine to get investment from Google in the coming days.

With all this in mind, Apple is now on its way to creating its own search engine. However, neither Google nor Apple has opened its mouth in this regard.

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