FAU-G Game of India ll Now Available On Google Play Store ll NewsBuzz

FAU-G has moved to Google Play Store, FAU-G Game of India.

FAU-G Game of India ll Now Available On Google Play Store ll NewsBuzz

India's native game FAU-G has therefore become available in the Google Play Store to give a hard blow to PubG Mobile India.

Registration of Made in India multiplayer game has started. But it seems that the developers want to limit it to Android. Because its registration in Apple's Appstore has not started yet.

Besides, PubG mobile game is going to return to India very soon. A few days ago, Pubg Mobile started its registration in India.

This is because FAU-G Games is now listed in the Google Play Store for registration in India.

FAU-G Game of India ll Now Available On Google Play Store ll NewsBuzz

All the players who will register for this game will be notified via push notification once the game is listed. And the supported devices will be downloaded and installed automatically.

Although no details were known about the download size. The Army Game Description, listed in the Google Play Store, states that a group of people on its northern border in India are trying to protect the state's pride and community. Brave and fearless of all, it's a challenge for the United Guard. You also join a special role of military command on this dangerous border. And fighting like a soldier will not be able to take his feelings.

You have been informed that Akshay Kumar has announced the military game. And after that the government made Pubg mobile band.

Akshay Kumar announced the launch of the military action game for Indian game lovers with the launch of the India-self-reliant app.

The first episode of FAU-G Game is based on Golban. The Indian player will be seen in the Indian incarnation in the military game.

In this game, Akshay Kumar said that 20% of the income from this military game will be donated to the Indian Trust. This trust has been formed by the Indian Ministry.

Military game is a Medin India game. Which was created by Indian game developers and nCore. The founder of nCore, Vishal Gondal, said that this game will replace the Pubg game.

And like Pubg, it will be popular at local and global level. So with this, Pubg Mobile is thinking of bringing their own plane Pubg Mobile back to India. The South Korean company said it was bringing a new game to the Indian market that was originally made for Indians.

According to Pubg Corporation, it will not enter into any partnership with Chinese companies this time. According to Pubg Corporation, Pubg Mobile will be made exclusively for India.

The company also said that this time users will have the option to play it between secure and healthy games.

However, if you want to see a very good option instead of Pubg's mobile, you can go to the Google Play Store and register for the military game.

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