From January 1, all UPI Transaction Charges will be Taken - Newsbuzz

Third Party Payment Apps Have Announced Extra Charges on Every Transaction

From January 1, all UPI Transaction Charges will be Taken - Newsbuzz

India is moving towards digitalisation. The number of digital payment systems has increased significantly since the capture of the note.

Corona then used the digital payment system during the lockdown. There are currently a number of apps through which online payments are made. But at present, it can cost a lot more money to pay with these apps in the new year.

All UPIs are Going to Take Extra Charge of the Transaction

This means that from January 1, the company will have to pay extra charges for any type of transaction through Purified UPI in the world.

The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has said it will charge extra for UPI services from January.

NPCI has capped 30% of third-party apps worldwide since the start of the new year.

NPCI has taken such a decision to prevent the monopoly of any app and to stop all the benefits available in terms of size.

But the government's decision will be directly against the general public and among those third-party apps. The apps that people use every day.

From January 1, pay by phone between Pay, Google Pay and Amazon Pay. Users will have to pay extra. With Paytm, no extra charge was levied on the payment service through the cap of NPCI.

Seeing the increase in online transactions, the glory of PM Modi's Digital India is increasing. According to the report from the government, 200 crore rupees is transacted through UPI every month.

These UPI transactions are done from different payment apps. According to the government, the number of UPI transactions will increase in the coming days. Transforming the goal of UPI Transaction Bara i.e. Digital India into reality.

But in the case of UPI transactions, only a third party app has the right to do so. Which is not exactly the case. The government is planning to stop the extra charge.

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