From the government, instead of tab, 10 thousand rupees is given to the student's account.

The State Government has Announced that Rs 10,000 will be Credited to the Account of each H.S Student
10000 will be credited to the account of each student. The school class has gone up late due to Corona. So the government has arranged online classes so that the students' classes do not stop, i.e. everyone needs a smartphone or tablet to participate in this online class, so the government has made it a point that every student will be given one so that they can take online classes.

But now the problem is that the total number of higher secondary students is 9 lakh and a half, that is, 9 lakh and a half will not be so easy to supply. This means that tab manufacturing companies will not be able to offer so many tabs at once and the Chinese product will be discontinued again.

10000 will be credited to each student's account.

Therefore, the West Bengal government has announced that Rs 10,000 will be paid in each account, i.e. in each student's account. So that they can get that money and buy tabs or big smartphones.

10000 rupees will be given instead of tab.

In a word, the state government will give Rs 10,000 to each student of government schools and madrasas instead of tabs. With which students will be able to buy tabs or smartphones of their choice. The money will reach within the next three weeks, said Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

10,000 Rupees Application Form

All you have to do to get this money is -

You have to download the form given at the link below and download it, From Link

fill Up and go to school and submit it.