WhatsApp is Going to Update Its Privacy Policy 2021

WhatsApp is Going to Update Its Privacy Policy 2021

WhatsApp, the app for sending instant messages, is going to take a big step. The company is going to bring new rules for using their features. If the terms and conditions are not met, the WhatsApp account may be deleted.

WhatsApp is Going to Update Its Privacy Policy 2021

However, there is some time to think about whether you will comply with these conditions. It is learned that these rules will be introduced from February 8.
From February 8, it will be very important to agree on the new rules on WhatsApp. If the same is not done then you will not be able to use WhatsApp.

The company that uploads, stores, sends or receives content on WhatsApp can reuse, distribute, and display it. This means that 200 crore people use WhatsApp every day, which means that after making a policy, they will be able to use people's data on WhatsApp from time to time.

The company will be able to share people on any other platform. For the new policy, WhatsApp clearly states that different platforms will share Facebook and Instagram.

In other words, WhatsApp will be able to earn a lot of money by using human data.

In addition, if you use WhatsApp, you must agree to the WhatsApp policy and you will not be able to run WhatsApp.

Now even if you don't want to, you will be shared on your data platforms. You must agree to this policy. And your privacy will be over. Your data will be used to show you all the ads you want to buy.

Your IP address location will be tracked. Your content will show suggestions and analysis.

Even if the call is made with WhatsApp, it will also be monitored. In other words, the new policy can have a great impact on the normal life of the people.

Whenever you sign a new WhatsApp policy, you will be able to use your private data from WhatsApp.

The problem is that if you want to run WhatsApp, you have to follow this policy, otherwise you can't use WhatsApp or your WhatsApp account may be deleted.

Because you have to abide by this policy from February 8 onwards.

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