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Hi friends welcome to this site. You may know that we write articles about tech on this site.

Today I am presenting all the details in front of you as a description of this site.

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Sujay Barman
Sujay Barman

Sujoy Barman is the owner of this site. I mean, I'm a student, in college third year, I'm twenty. I like the technical field very much. So I try to give you some idea of ​​technical issues.

Continuous work on this site has been going on for about six months. We post various types of tech related articles. I am interested in knowing or learning technical matters.

So I try to share with you as much as I know from my own experience. My main purpose in opening this site is to teach you something.

And I am trying to share my own experience with you. We publish one article every day on this site. The article is between 500 and 1000 watts.

If you have made a new visit to our site, you must read the privacy policy page of our site. Because if you want to visit our site, you have to follow some privacy policy.

And at the end I will say one thing, thank you very much for visiting our site. Support us in this way. This is how we will try to give you knowledge.

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