News Tips And Tricks Privacy Policy

Hi friends, welcome to the News Tips And Tricks site. First of all, we have published various technical technologies in this saree, i.e. post or article.

So all kinds of technical posts are available on our site. And if you are interested in technical issues, you can definitely visit our site. You must meet certain conditions to visit our site. Here today we will highlight those conditions.

So let's find out what policies you have to follow to visit my site?

1. Content Policy

I have already told you that we only publish technical articles on this site. This site is only for those who are interested in learning about Tech. That means if you are not interested in tech then stay away from our site.

In addition to Turkey, we discuss a variety of technical fields, tech news, blogging tips, AdSense approval, online services, etc. and try to help you a lot.

So this site is only for those of you who are interested in these things.

2. Advertisement Policy

We also publish articles on various topics on our site. Order On our site we use advertising platforms to generate income. Like Adsense Media Net, we also have other sponsored advertisements on our site.

If you do not like these sounds at once, do not visit our site. We show very limited ads and work from all sides for the convenience of the visitors.

So if you want to visit our site, you must see Ads.

3. Children Policy

Since our site is about Tech News, everyone can visit our site. Not everyone can say that 10 year olds will visit our site. People aged 13 to 50 need to visit our site dry.

Those who have the ability to understand. We did not publish anything bad on our site. So our site is for everyone.

4. Peraonal Data Collect

When you visit our site, we collect your personal data such as your email and your name.

So do not visit our site using VPN.

So friends, all of the above were some of the policies to visit our site that you have to follow, then you can visit our site.

Moreover, we will not bring you on the website.